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Curriculum Steers Your Schools Technology Assets

Written, edited and Published article on curriculum & Technology Assets In Library Media Connection

Entire Article Attached. 


Creating To Learn

Authored & Published text book on the CIDE process employed as a student handbook in Freshman Writing Seminar classes across Rockland County, New York. 

CTL cover .jpeg

Choosing the Right Medium Reference Guide

Authored & Published a quick reference guide for teachers to choose the right medium for their instructional purposes. 


Authored & Published CIDE Rubric

Rubric for the best way to employ instructional technology in the classroom. Published in Library Media Connection. 


Reviews & Published Articles on Nationally acclaimed professional journals & speakers. 

Reviews of Creating to Learn in Educational Professional national educational magazines & blogs. 

From Now On Review & Published Article Attached. 


From Now On Publication & Review

Authored & Published Article on From Now On Website along with Jamie McKenzie Review/Critique of Creating to Learn. 

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