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Seminar - Autism Spectrum Disorder: Adjusting the Educational Image (WKS PROF 71)

Ending the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers requires addressing the essential factors that can influence their success. This three-hour training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), including Asperger's Disorder. Attention will be given to how these disorders manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within education settings. The seminar goes beyond the core features of the disorder and covers evidence-based proactive strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASDs succeed in school.

This seminar fulfills the state requirements for the three-hour Autism Training in the Needs of Children with Autism pursuant to Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the Education Law and Subpart 57-3 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. (3 hours)

Please note: it cannot be claimed for CTLE hours.

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